eupnea earth bundle variety pack of 3
eupnea earth bundle
eupnea rosemary rose & bay earth bundle
eupnea lavender eucalyptus & rose earth bundle
eupnea lavender eucalyptus & rose earth bundle 2
eupnea sweetgrass & rose earth bundle

Earth Bundle

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Open your space, the extension of your being, to its natural harmony. By incorporating seasonal florals, our sage sticks restore balance to a space allowing you to breathe most naturally. We love placing them on our meditation altar or settling onto an eupnea meditation bolster for a restorative practice morning or night.

7” organic + sustainably grown white sage

Bundles sold individually or in variety packs of three.

rosemary bay + rose

Invite positive vibes and boost your mood by offering rosemary + bay.

lavender eucalyptus + rose

Energize your environment by offering eucalyptus .

sweetgrass + rose

Invite peace by offering sweetgrass.